Commonwealth Building Ad, 1906

This 1906 advertisement for the Commonwealth Building featured some copywriter’s idea of a clever hook, “Just a Boat-Length North of Washington St.” I’m not sure how far that’s supposed to be but what the copy lacks, the rich illustration makes up for. The view is north up 6th from Morrison in the foreground. On the left are the Portland Hotel, Marquam Building, and Oregonian Building with the Wells Fargo Building farther down. The Commonwealth was featured here on an earlier Vintage Portland posting.

(The Oregonian. Retrieved from

One thought on “Commonwealth Building Ad, 1906

  1. I’m sorry we have been denied the opportunity to enjoy this old stone clad architectural wonder in person. On the other hand, if it were still around, it would block my view of Mary’s while on coffee break.

    Sheesh, ya can’t win for trying, eh?

    Seriously, thanks for the postings Dan. You’ve put together a great site.

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