N. Broadway & Larrabee, 1937

Coming off the Broadway Bridge eastbound looks surprisingly the same now as it did in 1937 considering the massive changes that this area have undergone. Looking to the right from this spot today would show those changes in the form of Memorial Coliseum and the Rose Garden arena. Note the “Subway” entrances, what I assume to be underground street crossings. Click here to see an aerial photo of this intersection and surrounding area from 1948.

(City of Portland Archives)

9 thoughts on “N. Broadway & Larrabee, 1937

  1. There used to be a few underground street crossings – I remember one at Front and Salmon I think? It had a bathroom in it too. Anybody remember these?

  2. Of course, these days the Broadway Bridge is closed so they can install streetcar tracks.. like the ones you see here. Is that ironic? I don’t even know.

  3. Alyson – Those go to the basement of the Galleria, which has been closed for some time. The Galleria used to be a very hip shopping mall-type building, but due to lease issues and Naito family drama, it’s been pretty much just sitting there for a couple of decades now. At least the WCI is there…

  4. The ‘subways’ were underground crossings under NE Broadway and under the other street at that intersection (Williams?). They had tiled walls and of course often smelled of urine. Growing up in Irvington my best friends & I often walked downtown & when we decided to take the Broadway Bridge route we’d have to use the subways to get across those streets.

  5. Brett- I don’t remember the underground bathroom on Front & Salmon but I do remember the ones on the Southwest corner of the Pioneer Post Office. The one on 6th was the men’s & the one Yamhill was the women’s.

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