St. Vincent Hospital, 1909

Sisters of Providence established St. Vincent Hospital, the first permanent hospital in Oregon, in 1875, at NW 12th and Marshall. The second St. Vincent Hospital, shown here in 1909, was dedicated in 1895. It was sited on hilly land on NW Westover Rd. between Glisan and Irving Streets. The landmark building ended its useful life in 1971 when all patients were moved to the new Providence St. Vincent Medical Center on SW Barnes Road. This building was demolished in the late 1970s.

(City of Portland Archives)

27 thoughts on “St. Vincent Hospital, 1909

  1. I was born in this hospital in 1949. My 9 siblings were all born there between 1947-1964. There was a ‘modern’ 1940’s-1950’s style addition at that time that hid the older part of the hospital in this photo. The lobby had a great view of NW & NE Portland. I think there are some condos or apartments there now.

  2. Thank you for showing this picture. I was born in this hospital (1966), but never knew what it looked like. I was too young to remember when it was torn down. I only knew of the location of the hospital.

  3. I was born at this hospital in 1962. Right after it was torn down, and most of the rubble removed, my mom and I stopped by the location, and I picked up a broken piece of wall or floor tile. I like to imagine it might have been in the delivery room – though it’s probably from a lavatory!

  4. Some friends and I used to play flashlight tag in the abandoned hospital in the late 70’s. I still have a Chaplains schedule which I found there.

  5. My mother was born in this hospital in 1918, and I was born here somewhat later. I would like to see a map that shows exactly where this building stood. Can anyone help?

  6. Kathleen,

    Try the Sanborn maps. If you have a Multnohmah County library card, you can get free access to the maps.

  7. It was great to find this picture! I’m doing a family history and my mother, Eva Gates, was in nurses training here as a young woman of 18 in 1926. In those days, nurses not only trained at the hospital, they lived there too. She had many wonderful memories to share of her time at St. Vincent’s.

  8. I’m doing some family research, too. Happy to find this picture. My grandmother did her nurse’s training here around 1915. Does anyone know how one might go about getting names of students that were in the classes back then?

  9. My brothers were born in the old St Vincent in 1944 and I was born there in 1950. I wish I had gone into it again before it was torn down. Are there any photos taken inside! I love walking Westover and looking at the spot where it was located. It must have had a glorious view!

  10. I worked swing shift on the 6th floor in the 60’s. The view (especially at night) was fantastic. The hospital was very nice, clean and the layout for the patient rooms was exceptional.

  11. My Gr. grandmother died here in 1898, of tuberculosis of the bowels 1 year after giving birth to my Gr. Father, She was a single lady. The child was sent away to oregon home finding soc. Her doctor was (Dr. Wm. Amos) Her name Laura (De Shirley) any one who could know anything about her would be great. It is sad someone would have to die like she did.Our hearts go out to her.

  12. My siblings and I were all delivered there by Dr. Robert Young. My mother was an Orthopedic RN there (on 3 North I believe) for several years. I remember being at the ground breaking for the new St. V’s on Barnes Rd. Mom helped move her floor to the new hosp. and discard unwanted surplus hosp. equipment. Consequently, our family acquired lots of stainless steel basins and cups, nurses desks, rolling surgical stools and basin holders, most of which we still use!

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  14. I was born here on January 22, 1970. I was the baby of the family and my older sisters told me that they had to burn down the hospital after I was born because I was “so ugly”!

  15. From the early seventies we had this entire Hospital as a place to play “fireworks” capture the flag, drink beer on the roof (amazing view of the city) and walk the old gardens on the hill behind the church. Wouldn’t trade a moment of it for anything!

  16. So I am looking for a half sister. She was born in St Vincent’s hospital I believe in September possibly August of 1953. Her father was a Dr. there at the time.

  17. My mother was born there in 1917. I was born there in 1944. I am looking for parents of my mothers birth there on 11-14-1917.

  18. I was born there in 1950, but moved away at an early age. Does anyone have photos of the hospital (and its address) from about 1950? I’ve been doing some family history research and there is an online Oregon digital records site that might have birth certificates from 1917. I recently found a death certificate for my great grandmother from 1908 on that site.

  19. My first real job was as a nurses aid on 4th floor in 1967. I met my husband there. We just celebrated our 50th anniversary!!!! Wonderful memories. Nurses wore white uniforms and their unique School of Nursing cap.

  20. Back in the 70’s I used to walk the eerie halls, exploring and wondering what it was like when it was open. In fact. my best friend was Ken Cooper. I noticed the 4th post (ken e. cooper – October 3, 2011 at 2:47 pm) on this page was from a Ken E Cooper. Is it the same Ken that I got in trouble with so many years ago. Not sure.

  21. my grandfather died here in 1946. I am happy to see the photo. Thank you for all of the wonderful comments!

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