Mt. Tabor Map, 1891

This brightly colored map of the Mt. Tabor and Belmont areas shows verified property ownership as of August, 1891. The map is bounded by Stark Street and Division Street on the north and south, 60th Avenue and 82nd Avenue on the west and east. Nelson St., running east-west near the top-left, is present day Belmont St.

(City of Portland Archives)

6 thoughts on “Mt. Tabor Map, 1891

  1. Wow, what a great reference map – how many more of these are lurking in the archives? I’d love to see some for Sunnyside. Thanks for posting.

  2. “Scaled 600 feet to the inch.”

    Unfortunately, we don’t have the map’s original size and there doesn’t appear to be an inch marker in a legend. However, the Pittock, White, Bowman and Reed holdings look quite substantial. Go figure.;-)

  3. Some of the property and street lines in this 1891 map are still lurking in the “Water Utilities Detail” map in PortlandMaps.

    (Oddly, the water utilities map also hints at other things like the Bull Run railroad line curving onto Burnside around E 90th. Or so I’d assume from the curvy lines that it draws on top of what is right now a large athletic field…)

  4. I don’t know if this thread is too old for me to get a response but… I am doing some research on my family tree. My grandparents are Kinzels and I’ve traced them back to August Kinzel who was a farmer and listed in the 1880 US Census, living in Mount Tabor, Multnomah County. I read an article about how the parks were named after some of the farmers. Although I see the park’s name of Kinzel, I don’t see his name listed on the map. Do you have any further information on my ancestor, August Kinzel? Thanks!

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