Fire Station 2, 1948

Fire Station 2 sits amid what appears to be road construction debris along NW 3rd Avenue in 1948. A 1918 American LaFrance engine is parked outside. Fire Station 2, built in 1913, can still be found at NW 3rd and Glisan. It’s empty and boarded up, but still looks to be in decent condition.

(City of Portland Archives)

17 thoughts on “Fire Station 2, 1948

  1. I was a bit uncertain about the 1948 date given the fire truck that obviously predates ’48. On a second view though, the car behind the fire truck supports the 1948 date.

    Which begs the question: is the fire truck a historical display model from the era, or was the fire department seriously under-funded in 1948?

  2. Those old Lafrance fire trucks were so well built that they would be in use for many years, though by this time the truck shown was probably semi-retired and they were just using the pumps to keep the flood waters pumped out of the sand bagged area.

  3. That’s a gasoline storage tank in the background, I believe. I vaguely remember seeing that when I was a kid. Does anyone know when it was torn down? Is that where the offices of Northwest Natural Gas are now? (I guess they’re still there.)

  4. Thanks, Dan. Yeah, I’m sure that tank must’ve been there when I’d take the Jackson Park bus from Irvington to the Dental School in the early 60’s. I haven’t been in Portland for a few years. Are those tanks still in existence off of Powell close to the river?

  5. The two tanks on the north side of Powell have been gone for some time now, though I remember seeing them as a kid in the 70’s. They must have gone out in the 1980’s some time. The large, circular foundations are still there and are easily seen in aerial views or in person if you go over there.


  6. A propane gas delivery truck caught fire some years ago, and I recall fire officials warning it would devastate everything within a half-mile if it exploded. So I wonder about these huge gas storage tanks when I drive by one.

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