Broadway Streetcar

The Broadway Streetcar served Northeast Portland’s Alameda neighborhood between 1910 and 1948, when it was replaced by bus service. These two photos represent the beginning and end of its history. Both were taken at the outbound end of the line, at NE 29th and Mason. Thanks to VP fan Doug Decker for submitting these photos. You can read much more detail about the Broadway Streetcar, and the Alameda neighborhood on his Alameda Old House History website.

(Bill Hayes Collection)

(Bill Hayes Collection)

3 thoughts on “Broadway Streetcar

  1. Thanks for the images! I teach an American Studies class and we emphasize the social history of America. These types of photos are priceless for discussion.

  2. Hi, My name is Moira Green and I work with the pedestrian committee for the Lloyd Transportation Management Association. We promote walking by helping to make it safe, fun and easy. We would like to use one of the photographs above for a free walking map we are producing that explores, among other things, streetcars in Portland. Do you know how I could reach Bill Hayes to request permission to use a photo from his collection? If you could respond ASAP I would appreciate it so much — this is the last permission we need before we can go to print.

    Moira Green

  3. when I just a kid, we lived on north upsher st. The trolly ran right in front of our house. We would put penny’s on the track and get them back flattened out. We also used to jump on the back where operators could’t see, and ride trolly’s to washington Zoo and back. Those were good old days.

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