SW 6th & Salmon, 1936 – Part 2

The photographer who took this photo in 1936 turned around and snapped today’s photo facing the opposite direction, looking north on SW 6th from Salmon. The Pacific Building, Pioneer Post Office and Meier & Frank buildings are familiar down the right side of the street. On the left, the Hilton Hotel fills the parking lot, and the 1981 Pacific First Center replaced the YMCA building.

(City of Portland Archives)

Portland Airport, 1940

Portland’s first main airport was the Swan Island Airport. The Portland-Columbia Airport, located along the Columbia River in its present location, opened in 1940. The original terminal was along the north edge as you see here, just off N. Marine Drive. The new terminal opened in 1958 in its present location east of the NE/SW runway and it then became Portland International Airport. The original terminal building is now the airport fire station building.

(City of Portland Archives)

Worcester Building, 1909

You may have noticed a large building looming in the distance down SW 3rd Avenue in this photo and this photo looking down 3rd from Burnside. That building was the Worcester Building between Pine and Oak Streets. It was demolished about 1941 and replaced with the police headquarters west wing annex, also since demolished. To the right of the Worcester is the old Portland city jail building, replaced in 1912 by the extant Police Headquarters building at 2nd and Oak.

(David Rumsey Map Collection/Portland Journal)

Guild’s Lake, circa 1952

This aerial photo shows Northwest Portland’s Guild’s Lake area around 1952. The Forestry Building, a remnant of the 1905 Lewis & Clark Exposition, and the huge Montgomery Ward building, are clearly visible in the foreground. On the left, the Guild’s Lake housing project, built for WWII shipyard workers, was sited generally between NW 31st and 35th Avenues, and NW Industrial Street and Yeon Avenue. It would be demolished within the next couple of years.

(City of Portland Archives)

Smith’s Block, circa 1955

If you’ve been to the Saturday Market area and seen the small parking lot at the southeast corner of SW 1st and Ash, this is what once filled that space. Built in 1872, Smith’s Block was originally a half-block on Ash between Front and 1st Avenue. Both Front and 1st Avenue sides were constructed of four 25-foot sections, as you see here on 1st. The left two sections seen here were demolished in 1955 to make way for the parking lot. Fortunately, the right two sections and all four sections on the Front Avenue side remain today and are nicely restored.

The cast-iron pattern used on this building was used on a number of other Portland buildings. You can see the same pattern across Ash street on the Lewis & Flanders block.

(University of Oregon Libraries)

Here’s how it looks now:

(Personal Collection)

N. Killingsworth & Albina, 1913

Automobiles had not completely replaced horse-drawn wagons as a transportation choice in 1913 when this photo was taken looking east down N. Killingsworth from Albina. You’d still recognize the buildings on the right side of the street; the left is completely different now.

(City of Portland Archives)