Fremont Bridge Construction, 1971

The Fremont Bridge was still a couple of years away from completion when this photo was taken of the I-405 project. The center span would be lifted into place in March, 1973. This view looks northeast from industrial Northwest Portland, across the Willamette, and into North Portland where I-405 meets I-5.

(City of Portland Archives)

3 thoughts on “Fremont Bridge Construction, 1971

  1. Just before its official opening the bridge was open for pedestrian traffic. The view from up there was great. Most people go across it too quickly to enjoy it now. I believe I saw a photo of the bridge sagging a bit under the weight of so many folks – there were thousands.

  2. What Chuck is talking about is the KGW Radio promotion “Peoples day on the Fremont Bridge”. Thousands of people partied on the bridge the weekend before it opened. The promotion was the idea of KGW promotion director Joan Teal. One of many terrific promotions she spearheaded at the station.

  3. Does anyone know what the buildings directly left of the bridge in this picture were? The ones west of the river by the large asphalt stretch?

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