Cooks’ Block, 1959

This nice brick and cast-iron building was erected on the southeast corner of SW 2nd and Oak in 1884 at a cost of $20,000. This photo dates to 1959; the building was demolished in 1965.

(University of Oregon Libraries)

5 thoughts on “Cooks’ Block, 1959

  1. No wonder this was confusing…you should have said “northeast” corner instead of “southeast” corner of SW 2nd Avenue, which would have correctly placed the buildings on the East side of the street. (The man would is walking west, up Oak Street. Maybe he was on his way to The Portland Outdoor Store, which was just up one more block on 3rd and Oak!)
    The Chevron sign stood on the NW corner of SW 2nd and Oak-it was an APCOA parking lot in the late 60’s-I worked there! I used to park my old Rambler under that Chevron sign! APCOA stood for Airport Parking Company Of America.

  2. Wasn’t the portland police central precinct located on the nw corner of this intersection? I believe thats correct.

  3. Yes. I believe the old place in the photo is where the Block 300 building is today (347 SW 2nd Ave.) Building stands today. Interestingly, the parking lot is still a parking lot.

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