Tall Ship Visits Portland

A fully rigged three-masted sailing ship sits tied to the seawall between the Morrison and Burnside Bridges in 1968. This is likely the Nippon Maru, a sail training ship built for the Imperial Japanese Navy in 1931. Harbor Drive had not yet been removed to make way for Tom McCall Waterfront Park.

(City of Portland Archives)

5 thoughts on “Tall Ship Visits Portland

  1. Tom McCall Park was a GREAT idea. I didn’t know there was access to the riverfront like we see here back then. I thought the guard rail was right at the edge. On another ghost sign note, has anyone seen this 12 minute video paying homage to the lost art? It’s fantastic.


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  3. The Japanese sail training ship, Nippon Maru, visited Portland in 1962.(?) I am trying to confirm that that is the correct date. Staff of the Oregon Historical Society were involved in welcoming the ship to Portland.

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