Portland Woolen Mills – Mystery Location

The location of this 1935 photo had me stumped for a while; I just couldn’t place it anywhere in Portland. However, it was and still is in Portland; many of the buildings remain to this day. Good luck!

(City of Portland Archives)

7 thoughts on “Portland Woolen Mills – Mystery Location

  1. St Johns, just north of the bridge. The facade was ‘modernized’ probably in the 60s when it served as a toy warehouse until the 80s. In the 90s it was home to Columbia Sportswear. Today, with a fresh coat of paint, and presumably some mechanical upgrades, it now serves as Cathedral Park Place: an artist studio and small warehouse hive.

    More historical photos of the mill and environs:

  2. Chad is correct. The sawtooth building in the foreground was the Columbia Sportswear location. My grandfather worked for Portland Woolen Mills from the mid 1920’s through the early 60’s. Jordan Schnitzer’s had a toy distribution company that worked out the old Woolen Mills building in the late 70’s-early 80’s

  3. publishing my book coming out in october 2011 including history of wool in oregon and portland woolen mills. many photos several of the mill,
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  4. My father worked for Northern Speciality Sales, a distributor of toys. The owners’ building in NW was torn down when the freeway was built, and they bought this property. The company was eventually sold to Jordan Schnitzer. I thought they retained ownership.
    The building on the far right was the Mill Ends Building.

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