B.L. Stone Building

The B.L. Stone building cost $23,000 to construct in 1883. It stood at the corner of SW 1st Avenue and Market Street, where the Mercedes-Benz dealership is now. Hawkins’ “The Grand Era of Cast-Iron Architecture in Portland” states it was demolished in 1968 by the Portland Development Commission but I suspect it was earlier than that, as two 1964 aerial photos on this site show the building already gone. This photo dates to 1953.

(University of Oregon Libraries)

6 thoughts on “B.L. Stone Building

  1. B.L. Stone was a well known and popular jeweler in Portland in the 1870’s… I believe he had the building constructed in the 1880’s

  2. I have a working private label pocket watch Mr. Stone had made, (he had about 100 made) with his name on the face of the watch. Made in the 1870’s it is an Elgin “key-wind” watch. It also has Stones name on the inside, back of the working parts.

  3. Thank you for your comments. Bernhard L. Stone (Lichtenstein) is my great grandfather. Did not know that he made private label pocket watches or that the B.L.Stone building was purchased by him. Sally Harman

  4. Hello F.R. Dodge, If you are interested in selling your pocket watch that was made by my great grandfather, B.L. Stone, please let me know. I would like to purchase it. I can be reached at wharmon001@triad.rr.com Thank you. Sally Harman

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