Portland High School, 1904

The building at far left of the previous post was the magnificent old Portland High School. Completed in 1885, it stood at SW 14th and Morrison until it was demolished in 1929. The school was renamed Lincoln High School in 1909 and moved to Lincoln Hall (now part of Portland State University) in 1912. Construction began in 1950 for Lincoln’s current Goose Hollow location.

The building can be seen at far right in the illustration from Vintage Seattle.

(City of Portland Archives)

6 thoughts on “Portland High School, 1904

  1. Surely the most elaborate U.S. school building I have seen. What a shame that too many people think of buildings as disposable. Compared to Europe, our preservation record is atrocious.

  2. the perfect historic landmark building they should have saved it !!! good ole portland
    demo eveything !!

  3. The school was a firetrap. After a fire elsewhere early in the 20th century, in which many students died, the architecture of school buildings in this country changed significantly to provide for far more exits than that one lovely on on the end (which probably was matched on the other end). That’s why the Kennedy School, now owned by McMenamin’s, is one level with lots of doors to the outside. It was state-of-the-art in its day.

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