SW 18th at Jefferson & Columbia, 1951

There is a surprisingly large number of these buildings still standing in the area of the 18th Avenue Circle where it meets SW Jefferson and Columbia at Goose Hollow. The Lincoln High School athletic field is under construction beyond the row of houses at center left, and the First United Methodist Church will fill in the lot in the immediate foreground. Note The Curtis at upper far right.

(City of Portland Archives)

3 thoughts on “SW 18th at Jefferson & Columbia, 1951

  1. The site of Lincoln High School was the former location of the Jacob Kamm mansion which sat on a 13 acre estate until it was moved in 1951 to its current location at 1425 SW 20th Ave. Its a beautiful structure though seems out of place at its current site.

  2. I believe the building on the left side with the dark car rolled past is currently Esquire Motors.

  3. I think I see the Jackson Tower and the northwest face of the Public Service Building, just at the right border of the photo. And, believe it or not, after viewing your other photos of The Curtis, I recognized it right away once I had enlarged the photo.

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