Aerial of Downtown, 1972

The First National Bank tower (now Wells Fargo Center) was brand new when this photo was taken in 1972. It is still the tallest building in the state at 546 feet. This view is to the northwest. Note that the center span of the Fremont Bridge in the distance at upper right is still not in place.

(City of Portland Archives)

One thought on “Aerial of Downtown, 1972

  1. This is before lots of stuff, right? I don’t see the Portland Building, the Justice Center and the courthouse north of it, the park south of the Plaza Blocks, and that federal building south of the Justice Center which is now completely naked as it is being redone, or the World Trade Center buildings. But I think I see the building where the Veritable Quandary is located, the Ladd Carriage House, A. E. Doyle’s Public Service Building, and the Ancient Order of United Workmen Temple which is one of my favorite buildings in Portland. Plus, I wonder if where I used to live is visible–maybe there is not a taller building blocking the view of it–but the photo will only get so big, darn it. Still and all, thanks for this photo!

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