Apostolic Faith Mission, 1933

When first built, the Apostolic Faith Mission building at the northeast corner of NW 6th and W Burnside extended about 20 feet more to the south than it does today.  Widening of Burnside made it necessary to chop a section of building out, move the face north, and mate the two pieces back together again.

The buildings in the background were similarly cut back. If you look at the two buildings on NW 5th from the side, you’ll see how narrow they are. Hotel Philip is now the Grove Hotel.

The Apostolic Faith building became Starry Night, a nightclub/theater, in 1982 and is now Roseland Theater.

(City of Portland Archives)

(Apostolic Faith Church)

3 thoughts on “Apostolic Faith Mission, 1933

  1. The widening of Burnside was part of the Bennett Plan to make Portland like Paris. According to Steve Dotterer at the City of Portland, they only made it through about a block before the whole thing was shelved due to its high cost. Hopefully we’ll be more successful with the forthcoming attempt and Burnside will become more pedestrian friendly.

  2. The 1933 widening of Burnside described in this post was part of the 1932 Charles Cheney plan. The street west of the river was widened from the bridge approach to the park blocks as described above and by demolition of buildings such as the original Commonwealth Building. The widening of the street on the east side was accomplished by moving sidewalks inward, creating arcades…and by demolition of some existing buildings. I believe the east side widening project extended from the bridge approach east to where Burnside and Sandy cross.

    /SIWOTI 😉

    citation: (pdf file) http://www.portlandonline.com/bps/index.cfm?c=49064&a=218810

  3. It’s interesting to note that the building to the east of the Apostolic Faith Mission building has a ghost sign “….HART HOTEL”? that was exposed during the construction on the neighboring building, and soon disappeared after it too was cut back 20′ Ah the layers of history

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