28 thoughts on “East Burnside & 12th, 1965

  1. No, that’s a Rambler American, the last car in America to feature a flat-head engine (a 6). I think all of those signs and signal poles are still in place, or at least they will be for another month or so. Then the whole thing will be redone as part of the East Burnside/Couch couplet, with Burnside one-way east at this point.

  2. During the mid to late 60’s my father, now deceased, drove a race car sponsored by Scotty’s Drive In. Lots of great memories of those times and events. The owner of Scotty’s Drive In was a very nice guy. Know lots of people that had their first jobs there.

  3. That’s great about your dad’s racing for Scotty’s. Scotty’s was always my favorite drive-in. Teenagers are more concerned about the bang for the buck than the taste of the food but I remember it as being tasty, too.

  4. My folks met at the Tik Tok, just 4 years before this photo was taken. It is really a treat to see what the area looked like about that time!

  5. I delivered Oregon Journal papers east and north on 16th back in 1954; east of Benson Polytech. Scotty’s was a service station and with car wash I’m thinking. I bought pop from a vending machine there.

  6. I remember this intersection very much. My father owned the advertising company (Ross Advertising) that promoted Scotty’s. I believe it was the first 19cent hamburger place in town. Also, many nights were spent at the Tik Tok drive-inn — if we weren’t at Yaw’s.

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  8. Anybody remember the customer service booths at Fred Meyer’s? Before ATM’s and debit cards that was the only place to cash checks on weekends. They were so busy I heard of people getting their light bills cashed.

  9. Yes. I shopped at the Freddie’s on W Burnside and it was great to get money after bank hours and on weekends. Another innovative service from FM.

  10. i have a picture of the scotty’s drive in dragster . does anyone have or know who took the picture . it was at the franz bakery wearhouse. i need more info .
    scott. PS my father in law was a manager at scotty’s .( vern Farris)

  11. I got to Portland in July of ’64, lived near 23rd & Burnside, worked in the Hollywood District and drove through this intersection 100’s of times until my uncle Sam invited me to South East Asia for a year in November of ’65. Made several middle of the night stop ins at the Tic-Tok and even remember getting into a fender bender one morning just south of Burnside at 13th and Ankeny. Lots of memories up and down Burnside and Sandy for me.

  12. The Tik Tok was were I worked while attending Benson during my last three years of school. What a place to work! I started as bus boy and was promoted to the fountain (soda jerk) my last year plus. You really had to hustle during the long rush hours. I learned a lot about myself and how to work efficiently with a group of people. I sure wish I had some pictures of the old place, but who owned a camera at that age in those days? Gene

  13. Anyone remember if these signs are new… after the Columbus Day storm? I was told many did not live through the high winds.

  14. My Grandparents lived just a couple blocks South of Sandy Blvd. on 52nd. I remember as a kid standing on the corner of 52nd and Sandy, on Friday and Saturday nights back in the late 50’s and early 60’s, watching the Westbound Hot Rods heading for the Tik Tok. Occasionally Gramps would take me to the Tik Tok for a burger and to check out all the cool cars. My favorite was a white ’27 T roadster pickup with Model A fenders, Olds spinners and a Hemi. The car was owned by Bob Lee and later featured in Hot Rod Magazine. I’d give anything to go back to those good old “Happy Days”!!! Bruce

  15. It’s nice to see alot of these old pictures. I wasn’t around when these pictures were shot, but I managed the construction of both the Burnside Reconstruction from the Bridge to 14th and the recent Sandy repaving from 47th to 82nd for PBOT. What really stand out are all the power poles and no street trees. It makes it look so wide open. I love all the old signs though. I think we found alot of the old foundations when we dug up the street, including streetcar tracks.

  16. Doug Hawkins, I knew your dad, the race driver, I also remember you, We went for a motor cycle ride and crashed at river road and 99E I have been looking at some photos from back in the day. My first name is Larry you should know the rest I live in Sandy OR Call me would love to talk .. PS I owned Scotty’s Drive in the late ’70

  17. Oh the memories!! That tall building on the right on Sandy Blvd, with the large sign on top is the old Bekins Moving and Storage building and just past that on the left at the next light was Lyman Slack Motors.

  18. Shee-it. Buckman, class ’60, Wa-hi, ’64. Could not remember the name ‘Tik-tok.’ Anybody remember, “his life moments numbering, tik, tok, tik, tok….but it stopped, short, never to go again when the old man died.” ( Miss Fouse. ‘Hell’s Bells.’)
    I’ll be damned. Yeah, the ’49’er. Couldn’t afford, tok-tik.

  19. Yes, carrico. The grandfather clock. I don’t think I ever ate at Tik Tok. Scotty’s 49er was also better for my teenage budget.

  20. What a fantastic photo! I live nearby and find it fascinating to see how this intersection used to look. It’s neat to recognize the 7-Up bottle and the Rambler place which is now the art supply store. When I have more time, I’m going to look for more!

  21. I have a menu for the TIC TOC. I’m not sure which one but have a hunch is was on Burnside. A hamburger was .35; cheeseburger .45; milkshake .30 ; and a barbecue beef or pork was .45. The good old days. The menu was my husbands.

  22. I went to Benson Tech 1966 – 1970. In the morning we went to Tic Tok to drink coffee and smoke cigarettes. Then at lunch we went to Scotties Drive in for lunch. After school we went to Yaws. What a great time to be a teenager. Loved them all.

  23. I went to Benson a little earlier and frequently stood in a group and waited in front of Scotty’s for Rosey (aka Rose City Transit) to take us West towards downtown. And occasionally across the street to go East up Sandy Blvd.
    The TikTok was a place I visited infrequently for both budget and because it seemed kind of run down and full of “old” people. Very unlike Scotty’s and, of course, Yaw’s with the carhop area Tootsey Roll cop.

  24. I’m trying to find information about this little Tik Tok cafe, that was apparently located in Portland, Oregon.

    In my research, I have only been able to find information pertaining to the Tik Tok Drive located at the intersection of Sandy Boulevard and Burnside. This small cafe/diner built in Kansas may have pre-dated the Drive-In.

    Any information that you cn provide would be greatly appreciated.

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