McBreen Building, 1970

The 1883 McBreen Building stood on SW Morrison between 3rd and 4th Avenues. It was demolished (along with all its block neighbors) in 1978 and the “fish garage” built in its place. The Yeon Building can be seen in the distance.

(University of Oregon Libraries)

6 thoughts on “McBreen Building, 1970

  1. Ah, the Round-Up! My friends and I went there a couple times in the 60s. Three movies for something like 25 or 50 cents. It was really more of a flophouse for street people to sleep in during the day. Pretty nasty. The Blue Mouse around the corner was priced about the same but much nicer, with people actually watching the movie and not sleeping. Had a balcony too, which the Round-Up didn’t.

  2. I remember Dave’s delicatessen well, in 1974-75 my brother and I would skip our high school and head downtown. One of the stops was lunch at Dave’s. I remember we were fascinated with the different (to suburbanites) sodas they offered. We had never had Dr. Brown’s “Cel-Ray” soda out in Lents!

  3. Chris – do you remember when Dave’s ultimately closed down (sometime around ’89, was it?), where its final location was, and any other random memories (was it kosher, what was their menu like, did they hand-cut meats, did they do stuff in-house, etc)?

    One of my projects these days is gathering information on the history of Jewish delicatessens in Portland…

    Any information is appreciated, thanks!

  4. Jay,

    I believe I’d heard awhile back that Dave’s moved into the Portland building, but the food apparently was nowhere near as good. Sometimes the ambience affects the taste.

    A quick use of the Google Fu brings up a comment on Jack’s Blog. The commenter believes Dave’s had moved into the Justice Center.:

    Search for Dave’s to get to the comment in question.

  5. It breaks my heart to see a lovely building like this and to know that now, in its one-time home, stands a place for people to park cars! The building makes me think of Paris.

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