SW 3rd & W Burnside After Widening

This photo is roughly the same vantage point as my previous post but taken after widening of W. Burnside. Note that the three-story Winchester House is now the single story building we know as Dante’s today. The “Great Light Way” illuminated arches are also gone. The Multnomah Hotel (now Embassy Suites) is much more visible at top right.

Here’s a circa 1933 photo of the same intersection looking east on Burnside. This is roughly the same time period, early- to mid-30s.

(City of Portland Archives)

5 thoughts on “SW 3rd & W Burnside After Widening

  1. Is the Hotel Stratton building (sign that says ROOMS) in the background the same building as the Avery & Co. Hardware building??? Trivet Towers?

  2. Unbelievable. I’ve been poking around in this photo for some time now. The image is so rich with details it’s mesmerizing. Thanks for clarifying …

  3. Wow, you really can see better down 3rd, without all of the traffic in the earlier photo. I’m excited to see the building which I believe houses the Bijou Cafe where my Mama and I ate our first brunch in Portland, when we first visited here in the summer of 2004. We walked there from the Benson. I believe that I see one of the arches still in existence, there as the street takes that jog to the right. And that building I’m wondering about is huge!

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