4 thoughts on “NE Union & Russell, c1937

  1. It took me a while to place this. The building on the right edge of photo still exists at the corner of MLK and Brazee (on the Register). It was built on spec in 1928 with the Dutch Bakery as an anchor tenant. It has a windmill on the roof over the entry door (about 20 tall). I still have the blueprints somewhere. The brick building north of it is gone, but just past it is another building set back from the street in similar brick. Once a bank, now a beauty school. I know of a Lampus furniture store where the Crystal Cafe is in this photo. It burned and Nike is there now.

  2. Yes, that building on the right is now the home of FeatherLite Enterprises, LLC, though the part that is showing is right on the corner of Russell, (and yes it extends south almost to the corner of Brazee).

  3. The storefront in between the Cafe and Marshall’s held a Piggly Wiggly just a few years before. I think the sign above Marshall’s says “First National Bank – Union & Russell Branch”.

  4. Interesting Mike Warwick. I went to school with some of Angelo Lampus’s kids. I always thought there store was farther north towards Walnut Park District, but I was just a kid then and was probably wrong…very interesting picts…..

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