Multnomah Sheet Metal Works, 1950s

Fortunately, both of these buildings still stand. The cast iron building on the right is the 1870 Fechheimer & White Building at 233 SW Front. The Hallock & McMillan building on the left was built in 1857. You can see what it looked like before its “modernization” remodel on Dan Haneckow’s Cafe Unknown site. This photo probably dates to the 1950s.

(University of Oregon Libraries)

4 thoughts on “Multnomah Sheet Metal Works, 1950s

  1. i have a old wooden box that says “made by Multnomah Metal Wks” portland oregon. on the one end of the box it says alumium nickel 105.

    is there any way i can find out how old this box is?
    thanks for your imformation.

  2. i have a 5 pound bar that has the same words writen on it, but there is’nt a 105 writen on it any where. i would like to know how much this bar is worth. it is the shape of what a gold brick would look like, but says alum-nickle. my phone 541-626-3229 . i found this bar hidden in a wall at a old house back in the 70’s.

  3. I have a wooden box that has Multnomah metal works on it I found it out by willamina or in the early 80’s

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