Upper Northwest Portland, 1964

St. Patrick’s Catholic Church is at the very lower left in this 1964 photo, sitting at the corner of NW 19th and Savier. US30 now skirts the church to the north (our right) as it slashes its way diagonally to 23rd before joining NW Yeon and zigzagging its way northward. Click on any image for a larger version.

(City of Portland Archives)

4 thoughts on “Upper Northwest Portland, 1964

  1. If you expand the photo to it’s full size you can clearly see, to the immediate left of large Montgomery Park building, the old Forestry Building from the Lewis and Clark Exposition with its days sadly numbered. Five months after this photo was taken it was destroyed in a spectacular fire.

  2. Oh, boy. I am having so much fun with these photos! Now, from looking as directed by Brian’s comment, I see the Forestry Building and its proximity to what I heard in a lecture at the Architectural Heritage Center was Guild’s Lake, so it makes more sense to me that a woman in attendance that day told us that she lived at Guild’s Lake when she was a little girl and used to go play at the Forestry Building. Thanks! And thanks for putting them here in the way that you have, so that we can enlarge them with a click.

    Plus I myself found Chapman School and the swifts’ chimney and almost where I sat in 2009 and saw them flying into the chimney, for the first time ever–the photo cuts off the top of the slope closest to the sidewalk which is where I sat. Neat-o!

  3. This is a great photo of my old neighborhood. I can make out Chapman Grade School on the left, Montgomery Ward Bldg and the Forestry Building before it’s life ended in August 1964. I took some photos the day after (slides) which I still have. Esco Steel is also in photo..Esco expanded and took away the Beaver Baseball stadium. I saw lots of free baseball games as a kid. The groundskeeper would lets us kids in during the 6th inning.

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