7 thoughts on “N Interstate & Albina

  1. Dan:

    This is great. CAn I ask you how you get these photos? I have put a few old photos on my site and have asked permission once, just given credit other times and don’t say anything some other times when I can’t find info about the shooter or the origin.

    I would love to dig into the historical society’s photo atchive to get more for my site. How are you doing it?


  2. I think the rail line was a freight spur to access the warehouses on Thompson and Tillamook Streets. The catenary looks like it is for trolley buses.

  3. Goatboat is right, the narrow guage Mississippi line was gone by then. I worked for Peerless Pacific in the building on the right as did Walt of City Liquidators.

  4. The Medley Hotel was a popular Black owned hotel, where rail road men, black entertainers and even the Harlem Glodetrotters .

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