North Bank Passenger Station

North Bank Station passenger depot handled passenger trains to Chicago and the east, Seattle, Astoria and Southern Oregon until World War I. It served intercity passenger trains until 1931. Though the building still stands, you’ll see a much different landscape if you stand at the corner of NW 11th and Hoyt in the Pearl District today. This photo dates to 1917.

(City of Portland Archives)

8 thoughts on “North Bank Passenger Station

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  2. Does anyone know of a restaurant called the North Bank Confectionery that was located at NW 10th and Hoyt in the 20’s and 30’s? Was it located inside of the North Bank Passenger Station? My grandfather owned it but I have no photos or memorabilia of that time except some cook ware used in the kitchen. I would love any information.

  3. The Confectionary Lofts building is on the SE corner of 14th and Hoyt. You can still see the historic sign on the side of the building. Could that be where you grandfather had his restaruant?

  4. North Bank Confectionery (sometimes “confectionary”) was at 1022 NW Hoyt from at least 1941 to 1949, and perhaps earlier. City Directory for those years say so. Old photos come close. Problem is 1022 is hard to locate.

  5. My grandfathers name was Rea Hamilton Griffin. He died in 1940 so the restaurant must have been there earlier then 1941. It was on 10th and Hoyt from my father”s account (James Hamilton Griffin) of spending a lot of time there while his parents worked. Grandfathers brother owned Griffins Cafeteria also in that area.

  6. There is a 1939 air-view of the intersection of NW 10th and Hoyt, at Northwest Portland Rail Yards in this service. If I knew how to append it – repeat it – here, I would.

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