Aerial View, West End Burnside Bridge

The center of this photo is now the Saturday Market area with Front Avenue (now Naito Parkway) running top to bottom. The “Packer-Scott Paper” building at center-left is now Mercy Corps headquarters and their new building fills the empty space just to our right of it. This photo is from 1935.

(City of Portland Archives)

5 thoughts on “Aerial View, West End Burnside Bridge

  1. Wow! No Harbor Drive or Front Avenue. So all of those buildings near the river must’ve been torn down to make way for the roads. I can see the seawall is already there.

  2. The date on this photo (1935) is suspect. The parking lot in lower left was the result of demolition of the Lewis & Flanders Block and the Ankeny Block circa 1940. And the cars look newer than 1935 also.

  3. Front Ave is there, the first street west of the river. The row of buildings that are on the eats side of it were on pilings and were over the river before the seawall was built.

  4. Following on Dan’s comments, the Dekum & Reed Block on the NW corner of Front and Ankeny is an empty lot in this photo. It was being demolished as Minor White photographed his portfolio for the WPA in the fall of 1938 and into the spring of 1939. But as Dan notes the other buildings were demolished later; those on the east side of Front were gone by early 1942. So a better date would be ca. 1939 or 1940.

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