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SW 4th & Washington, 1946

May 3, 2013

There were some great business signs along SW 4th Avenue north of Washington Street in 1946. “Paradise Inn Chop Suey” is a classic. Except for the block on the immediate left, almost everything we see here is miraculously still standing.

A2005-001.887 SW 4th at Washington  north 1946(City of Portland Archives)

SW 4th & Washington, 1946

November 3, 2010

It appears to be a bustling lunch hour looking north on SW 4th Avenue at Washington Street in this 1946 image. The Funland Arcade was housed in the 1912 Merchants National Bank/Hibernia Savings Bank building. The next year the building would lose it’s stately bearing and be given the sleek, modern remodel you see today. More on this tomorrow.

(City of Portland Archives)


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