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Swan Island and Mocks Bottom, 1935

July 16, 2014

Today we have an aerial of the airport on Swan Island and Mocks Bottom. This images was taken on February 7, 1935. You get a great view of the Swan Island Airport, Mocks Bottom, and the oil company docks in Northwest Portland.

Swan Island Airport and Mocks Bottom, Feb. 7, !935 :  A2005-005 1397.2

Swan Island Airport and Mocks Bottom, Feb. 7, !935 : A2005-005 1397.2


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Lewis and Clark Exposition, 1905

July 3, 2014

In previous post we saw a wonderful map, an illustration, and a beautiful hand tinted photograph of the Lewis and Clark Exposition. Today we are looking at a photograph from the Lewis and Clark Centennial Exposition Esplanade taken in 1905. The Exposition was located in the Northwest Portland/Guild’s Lake area.

Lewis and Clark Exposition Esplanade 1905 : A2004-002.1001

Lewis and Clark Exposition Esplanade 1905 : A2004-002.1001

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SE Morrison, circa 1932

July 2, 2014

This is an excellent view of SE Morrison Street in 1932. We are looking east from SE Grand Avenue. Both buildings on opposite sides of the street are still standing today. There appears to be some construction on the streetcar tracks, and you can also see the Clifford Hotel on the north side of the street.

SE Morrison St looking east from Grand Ave, circa 1932 : A2009-009.751

SE Morrison St looking east from Grand Ave, circa 1932 : A2009-009.751

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Grant Pool, 1950

June 25, 2014

As it is today, back in the 1950s one of the best things to do on a hot summer’s day was head to the community pool. Here you see adults and children enjoying the water at the Grant Pool, a summer favorite for several decades. The pool is open to the public and located on NE 33rd Ave in U.S. Grant Park.

Grant Pool 1950 : A2001-030.2771

Grant Pool 1950 : A2001-030.2771

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A Personal Note

June 13, 2014

This is my last post for Vintage Portland. After 4-1/2 years, about 1,100 posts and almost 3 million page views, I’ve decided to hang it up. But don’t be sad, VP will carry on under new stewardship. I’m pleased to announce that the website will now be run by the City of Portland Archives & Records Center (PARC), the same people who have so generously allowed me to use their materials for so many great views of Old Portland. They have vastly greater resources to draw from than I could ever hope to have, so new and wonderful photos, maps and other documents will still appear regularly on this website. They are also assuming control over other Vintage Portland social media sites, so expect to see some revitalized content there too.

While I value the collaboration with PARC over the years, I’m looking forward to being an outsider, seeing fresh images, being surprised at what is presented, joining the conversation, and digging into a few mysteries myself. I know there will be days when I miss publishing these gems, but the time has come for me to turn the keys over to an enthusiastic group with fresh ideas and perspectives. Portland has such a rich history, and PARC has done such a great job of preserving our past, I’m confident they will take this space to places I never could.

I appreciate the enthusiasm, passion and knowledge of the Vintage Portland community. It’s gratifying to see the level of discussion some subjects spark, and that discussion adds considerable value to the images we see. Mysteries solved, historical facts unearthed, context given through personal experiences, and even the rare heated comments have made my efforts even more enjoyable. And I’ve had some great contributions sent in too, dug up from personal archives or discovered at garage sales, all little gems.

Thanks for all your support over the years. We won’t publish any new content next week while the transition takes place but PARC will begin a new era of old Portland on Monday, June 23. I’ll see you in the comments section!

Dan Davis

NE 12th & Burnside, 1937

September 25, 2013

We capture a moment in time as a gentleman is about to take a step to cross NE 12th Avenue at E. Burnside St. This view is looking south down 12th in 1937. The same intersection can be seen in this 1939 aerial view to give it a wider perspective. The Fairview Farms billboard in today’s photo advertised 7Up in the aerial photo.

A2005-001.829 NE Sandy, Burnside and 12th south 1937(City of Portland Archives)

Southwest Waterfront, 1938

August 22, 2013

Today’s South Waterfront area is trendy and expensive. Three-quarters of a century ago it was a huge expanse of Portland’s industrial waterfront. Schnitzer and Zidell, still big names in Portland industry, both got their starts here. The battleship USS Oregon was on display just south of the Hawthorne Bridge.

A2010-001.131 Aerial of SW Waterfront 1938(City of Portland Archives)


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