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SW Washington St, 1910

June 9, 2014

Looking west on SW Washington through its intersection with 3rd Avenue, we can see that streetcar and horse traffic were the main (or maybe only) modes of transportation in downtown Portland in 1910. The Dekum and Spalding Buildings straddle Washington in the foreground, while the Perkins Hotel at 5th Avenue can be identified by its pyramidal roof.

SW Washington looking west from 3rd Ave 1910(City of Portland Archives)

Corbett Building, 1954

July 23, 2013

The 1870 Corbett Building was the first fully cast-iron fronted building in the city. It was also the only building to have its cast-iron pieces come from Baltimore, shipped around Cape Horn. Demolished two years after this photo, it was on SW 1st Avenue between Alder and Washington.

corbett building 8028 1954(University of Oregon Libraries)

SW 5th Avenue & Washington, 1949

July 16, 2013

SW 5th Avenue was very busy place where it crossed Washington Street in this 1949 photo. Pedestrians, autos, buses and streetcars all vie for space. Other than the wooden “no left turn” sign in the middle of the intersection, there don’t appear to be any traffic controls. Both streets were two-way at the time, further complicating things.

A2005-001.900  SW 5th Ave and Washington St looking south on 5th Ave 1949(City of Portland Archives)

Engine 3 Crew, c1913

July 11, 2013

The Engine 3 crew displays fine looking equipment and horses in front of their fire station circa 1913. Engine Co. 3 was then at 510 Washington Street, which is now the south side of Washington between 15th and 16th.

Station 3 Crew & horse drawn apparatus c1913(City of Portland Archives)

Spalding Building, 1910

July 10, 2013

Near-completion of the Spalding Building at SW 3rd and Washington is a reason to highlight Portland real estate in The Oregonian in 1910. The illustration of the “heart of the New Portland” gives a terrific snapshot of the makeup of downtown at that time.

spalding real estate 19100403(The Oregonian. Retrieved from

Carlton Hotel, 1917

May 28, 2013

The luxurious Carlton Hotel opened on SW Washington at 14th in 1911. This 1917 view is to the southwest, looking at the 14th and Burnside corner. This building was demolished for the stadium freeway which today passes under Burnside at this point.

A2000-003.38 Survey 26A Hotel Carlton 1917(City of Portland Archives)

SW 5th & Washington, 1907

May 7, 2013

Snow, trolley tracks and road apples, plus the occasional car, all presented challenges to pedestrians on SW 5th and Washington in 1907. The 1906 Swetland Building is dead ahead on the southeast corner. We’re looking south here.

A2004-002.748 SW 5th  from Washington 1907(City of Portland Archives)


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