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SW 6th Avenue, 1932

November 5, 2014

This photograph of SW 6th Avenue is looking south towards Stark Street. On the right of the image is the US National Bank of Oregon.


SW 6th Ave. looking south, Jan. 4, 1932 : A2004-001.638

SW 6th Ave. looking south, Jan. 4, 1932 : A2004-001.638


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Stark Street

September 15, 2014

The image you see today was sent in by Brian Rollins. The photo was taken at the foot of Stark Street before the seawall was constructed.

The boy on the right is William Kerr.  The four boys took the sloop from downtown on a voyage down to Astoria and back. Keep in mind that the boys did it without GPS, cell phone, radar or other assistance.

You can see the Burnside Bridge in the background.

Astoria Voyage of William Kerr on Sloop Albatross : Brian Rollins

Astoria Voyage of William Kerr on Sloop Albatross : Brian Rollins

SE 39th Ave & Stark, 1949

May 15, 2014

Monday’s photo at SE 39th and Belmont had so many comments that I thought this companion photo might be as well received. This was taken just a few blocks north, looking south down SE 39th at Stark Street on the same date. Those linemen can be seen rewiring the utility poles in this photo too.

A2000-025.2111 Before widening SE 39th south of Stark 1949(City of Portland Archives)

Union Block, Part 2, 1955

September 17, 2013

Yesterday’s post showed the intact Union Block in 1955 shortly before its demolition. Today’s photo is the same corner, SW 2nd and Stark, during demolition. Not much remains of the staid old building. Here a pedestrian walks past the cast-iron-fronted corner entrance.

union block 9797 1955(University of Oregon Libraries)

Union Block, 1955

September 16, 2013

The once-impressive Union Block covered the full block between SW 1st and 2nd Avenues, Stark and Oak Streets. Built in stages between 1879 and 1881, the building featured fine cast-iron pieces from Willamette Iron Works. It was demolished in 1955. This view is northeast across SW 2nd and Stark.

union block 9806 1955(University of Oregon Libraries)

SE Stark & 82nd, 1934

August 5, 2013

SE Stark Street seemed aptly named in this 1934 photo. Starkly populated, at least by today’s standards, very little traffic, or much of anything else, impedes this view to the west as Stark climbs over the north edge of Mt. Tabor in the distance.

A2009-009.3208 SE Stark near 82nd 1934(City of Portland Archives)

Fourth Street, 1907

April 29, 2013

Fourth Street, now SW 4th Avenue, looked impressively wide in this 1907 image looking south through Stark Street. Pantages Theater was on the southwest corner and the extant 1898 Oregon Pacific Building can be seen another block down on the right. The tall building on the immediate left is the Chamber of Commerce building.

A2004-002.749 SW 4th from Stark 1907(City of Portland Archives)


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