SE Union & Hawthorne, 1937

This is a quaint and long-gone 1937 landscape looking south on SE Union Avenue. There’s no on-street parking today, and certainly no $1.50-$3.00 weekly housekeeping rooms. However you will pass under the Hawthorne ramp at this intersection today.

A2005-001.1019  SE Union north of Hawthorne south 1937(City of Portland Archives)

Hawthorne Bridge Ramp, 1957

Finishing touches are being made to the Hawthorne Bridge ramp on the east side of the bridge. The ramp will put Hawthorne Blvd. above grade from the bridge head over to Grand Avenue, allowing rail and street traffic to flow without disrupting east-west traffic.

A2005-001.304 Hawthorne Bridge ramp construction west from SE Grand Ave and Madison St 1957(City of Portland Archives)

SE Hawthorne Blvd, 1932

Long before an elevated ramp connected the Hawthorne Bridge with SE Grand Avenue, traffic on SE Hawthorne Blvd traveled at grade level.┬áDiscussion is needed on “removing old trestle bents” at the bottom of this photo. This view looks west on Hawthorne from SE 3rd Ave.; a tower and crossing signals indicate the railroad right-of-way on SE 1st. That billboard to the right could be advertising the 1932 movie “Ladies of the Big House” starring Sylvia Sidney.

A2000-025.285 Crew finished removing trestle bents on SE Hawthorne 1st to 3rd 1932(City of Portland Archives)

SE Hawthorne & 50th, 1936

The followup to yesterday’s photo shows the completed work after removal of the westbound rails on SE Hawthorne from 50th. The eastbound rails were probably next to be removed. I’m willing to bet those cobblestones are still under today’s asphalt though.

A2000-025.1147 Completed street resurfacing SE Hawthorne and 50th(City of Portland Archives)

SE Hawthorne & 50th, 1936

A Works Project Administration crew applies plenty of human muscle to a rail project on SE Hawthorne at 50th avenue in 1936. In the background a bus heads downhill from Mt. Tabor. Did the bus replace the trolley line?

A2000-025.1148 Crew doing street resurfacing SE Hawthorne and 50th(City of Portland Archives)

SE Hawthorne & Grand, 1938

Rush hour 1938-style. Traffic streams east on SE Hawthorne Blvd. at Grand Avenue as people leave the city, shadows indicating a summertime evening rush hour. The photo would have been taken from the five-story New Sargent Hotel on the north side of Hawthorne.

(City of Portland Archives)

Hawthorne Bridge Approaches, 1958

The westbound (right) and eastbound elevated approaches to the Hawthorne Bridge were only one year old at the time of this 1958 photo. Union Avenue southbound passes through the center of the photo and the bridge itself can be seen in the distant right.

(City of Portland Archives)