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3223 SE Belmont, 1944

April 14, 2014

These two little homes, at 3223 and 3225 SE Belmont, suffered much abuse before they were photographed in 1944. In the long run, they didn’t survive at all.

3223 SE Belmont exterior 1944(City of Portland Archives)

SE Belmont & 28th, 1940

March 25, 2014

This 1940 photo looks eastward down the center of SE Belmont Street at 28th Avenue. Many buildings of this era sported awnings to keep cool in the days before air conditioning.

A2009-009.171  SE Belmont St 1940(City of Portland Archives)

SE 20th & Belmont, 1931

January 16, 2014

There’s an auto-related business on the northeast corner of SE 20th Avenue and Belmont Street today. Yesterday’s post showed there was one there in 1965, and today’s post shows there was one there in 1931 also. It might even be the same building still standing. The crew doing the sewer repair here seems to be doing it with a dusting of snow on the ground.

A2000-025.215  Sewer repair at SE 20th and Belmont 1931(City of Portland Archives)

SE 20th & Belmont, 1965

January 15, 2014

Here’s what SE 20th Avenue north to Belmont Street looked like in 1965. Since then, there have been more changes to the north of Belmont than to the south, it seems.

A2005-001.946 - SE 20th Ave looking north towards Belmont St 1965(City of Portland Archives)

SE Belmont & 55th, c1914

June 17, 2013

The Mt. Tabor streetcar line tracks snake through the intersection of SE Belmont at 55th Avenue. The Mt. Tabor Presbyterian Church is to our immediate left as we look east down Belmont, with the Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Company Public Station dead ahead.

A2009-009.37   Belmont St and SE 55th Ave 1914(City of Portland Archives)

Jacob H. Cook House, c1910

April 25, 2013

This fine home sits just a half block east of the Mt. Tabor Presbyterian Church we visited a couple weeks ago. Located at 5631 SE Belmont Street, the Jacob H. Cook home is an excellent colonial revival example. Even the low block wall is still beautifully intact.

cook house 5631 SE Belmont 20761 c1910(University of Oregon Libraries)

SE Belmont & 55th, c1914

April 10, 2013

The Mt. Tabor Presbyterian Church was just a few years old when this circa 1914 photo was taken looking west on SE Belmont at 55th. The Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Company Public Station, on the left, was new. Both buildings are still there but they’re much harder to see from a distance with the dense foliage in the neighborhood today.

A2009-009.48   Belmont St at 55th Ave looking west 1913(City of Portland Archives)


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