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SW Barbur & Lowell, c1933

February 12, 2014

As a followup to yesterday’s post, we see the same house at 180 Lowell Avenue from the under-construction Barbur Blvd. side. The foundation is gone and it’s up on temporary supports; perhaps it was moved somewhere in the neighborhood and is still around?

A2001-008.24 SW Barbur Blvd at SW Lowell c1933(City of Portland Archives)

180 SW Lowell Ave, 1932

February 11, 2014

This home at 180 SW Lowell Ave at one time sat adjacent to the Southern Pacific Railroad right-of-way, seen here on the left. The right-of-way was acquired by the state highway department in the early 1930s and Barbur Blvd. laid on its path. This home may have been demolished for construction of the highway.

A2009-009.2315 SW Lowell St 1932

(City of Portland Archives)

Northwest Portland, 1928

November 14, 2013

This dapper gentleman struck a pose with his car in the Northwest industrial area of Portland in 1928. Although labeled as “NW 14th & Lovejoy,” this location could be open to debate.┬áIs that a salesman’s sample case on the ground?

A2009-009.1204 Man Posing with Car NW 14th & Lovejoy 1928(City of Portland Archives)

SE 28th Avenue, 1928

October 29, 2013

It’s a lovely day to be motoring down SE 28th Avenue just west of Reed College. The area in the distance is no longer quite as rural as it seemed to be in 1928.

A2009-009.292 SE 28th near Eastmoreland 1928(City of Portland Archives)

NW Hoyt & 3rd Avenue, 1948

September 30, 2013

Men are working to construct a temporary dike to hold back Willamette River flood waters at the intersection of NW Hoyt Street at 3rd Avenue in 1948. The Steel Bridge and the fire station at far right still exist today; no other building or structure remains.

A1999-004.1043 Flood control  temp dike NW Hoyt east from 4th 1948(City of Portland Archives)

Northwest Portland Aerial, 1938

September 19, 2013

A spectacular aerial image of Northwest Portland from the Willamette River west to about 18th Avenue in 1938. The scene is so familiar and yet so much has changed. No longer will we find the Lovejoy and 10th Avenue ramps, the gas storage tank and the rail yards. Many of the low-rise buildings have been replaced by new high-rises, freeways or parking lots. The bridges and parks remain, reminding us of what once was.

A2010-001.78 NW Portland waterfront and trainyards 1938(City of Portland Archives)

NW 10th Avenue Ramp, 1956

August 29, 2013

City crews work on the NW 10th Avenue ramp that lead from the old Lovejoy Street ramp down to street level. Both were removed in 1999 in a process that turned this former industrial/rail center into today’s Pearl District.

A1999-004.247 Lovejoy St Viaduct 10th southeast 1956(City of Portland Archives)


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