Engine 3 Crew, c1913

The Engine 3 crew displays fine looking equipment and horses in front of their fire station circa 1913. Engine Co. 3 was then at 510 Washington Street, which is now the south side of Washington between 15th and 16th.

Station 3 Crew & horse drawn apparatus c1913(City of Portland Archives)

Fire Station 16, 1915

The days of horse-drawn fire apparatus were nearing an end when this 1915 photo in front of Fire Station 16 was taken. Drive by the building at 1436 SW Montgomery St.; it still looks much the same today, minus the horses.

Station 16 Crew and horse drawn apparatus 1915(City of Portland Archives)

Fire Station 3, 1950

A 1949 Mack pumper truck sits in front of Fire Station 3, at 1425 NW Glisan, in this 1950 photo. It’s still a fine looking building retaining much of its 100 year old character. It now houses the restaurant Touché.

Station 3 Engine 3 (App 17 1949 Mack) 1950(City of Portland Archives)

Engine 15 at Station 15, c1948

Engine 15 still operates out of the 1927-built Station 15 at 1920 SW Spring Street in Portland Heights. The present day engine is considerably newer than this 1920s American LaFrance pictured outside the fire station circa 1948. The driver is identified as Carl Christensen.

(City of Portland Archives)

Fire Station 3, 1950

The Portland Fire Department appears to be showing off its new 1950 American LaFrance fire engine in front of Station 3 at 1425 NW Glisan. The 1913 building is now the home of Touché Restaurant. In fact all the buildings you can see in this photo are still standing.

(City of Portland Archives)

Engine 4 Fire Station, 1913

The Portland Fire Department proudly shows off its new station and equipment in 1913. Using the old street numbering system, this station was located at 370 4th Street, just north of SW Montgomery in the South Auditorium Urban Renewal Area. The Cyan/PDX apartment building is on that spot now.

(City of Portland Archives)