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SW 5th Avenue & Washington, 1949

July 16, 2013

SW 5th Avenue was very busy place where it crossed Washington Street in this 1949 photo. Pedestrians, autos, buses and streetcars all vie for space. Other than the wooden “no left turn” sign in the middle of the intersection, there don’t appear to be any traffic controls. Both streets were two-way at the time, further complicating things.

A2005-001.900  SW 5th Ave and Washington St looking south on 5th Ave 1949(City of Portland Archives)

SW 5th Avenue, 1950

June 13, 2013

We’ve seen this view before, in a photo taken eight years later from the same vantage point atop City Hall. This photo show more of the surrounding buildings in this view north up 5th Avenue. Many buildings are familiar today but a few (Congress Hotel and Cole McElroy’s Ballroom for two) met their fates many years ago.

A2005-001.906  SW 5th Ave looking north toward Main St 1950(City of Portland Archives)

SW 5th & Taylor, 1917

June 10, 2013

It’s been many years since a parking garage was built with ornate columns, and we’re unlikely to see it ever happen again. This garage was built on the southeast corner of SW 5th & Taylor in 1917, replacing the Frazier-McLean Livery Stable, bottom image. The Multnomah County Courthouse can be seen in the right distance of both illustrations. The Standard Insurance Center is now on that block.



(The Oregonian. Retrieved from

SW 5th & Washington, 1907

May 7, 2013

Snow, trolley tracks and road apples, plus the occasional car, all presented challenges to pedestrians on SW 5th and Washington in 1907. The 1906 Swetland Building is dead ahead on the southeast corner. We’re looking south here.

A2004-002.748 SW 5th  from Washington 1907(City of Portland Archives)

RL Glisan’s Building, 1914

April 15, 2013

R.L. Glisan’s Building, constructed in 1914 on the northeast corner of NW 5th and Couch, was probably a handsome building in its day. It’s not known when it was demolished but that corner could use a little its charm today.

glisan building 2-1-1914

(The Oregonian. Retrieved from

St. Mary’s Academy, c1965

January 25, 2013

The old St. Mary’s Academy looms over the corner of SW 5th and Mill Street in this tremendous photo sent by VP fan John. The building was constructed in 1889 and demolished in the early 1970s. I’ve found good, clear pictures of the school hard to come by, so this is a welcome addition. John has sent in more of his father’s images of this era so look for them in the coming weeks.

About 1965 St Marys Academy School Building 5th and Mill Looking North Portland by Dad(John)

Pioneer Courthouse, 1915

January 16, 2013

Portland looked every inch the modern, sophisticated city in this 1915 portrait featuring Pioneer Courthouse in the center. The Portland Hotel hosted well-heeled travelers to the west while the American Bank Building and the newly completed portion of the Meier & Frank Building projected wealth and prestige. This view is to the northwest and the intersection at bottom right is SW 5th and Morrison.

A2004-002.1441 Post Office square 1915(City of Portland Archives)


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