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Portland Aerial View, 1963

March 13, 2014

Here’s a pretty aerial view of Southwest and Southeast Portland along the Willamette in 1963. The Marquam Bridge was still under construction and both banks of the river were generally much more industrialized than they are now. Lots of good detail to soak up in this beauty.

A2004-001.1012 Marquam bridge under construction 1963(City of Portland Archives)

Park and Civic Center Proposal, 1932

February 27, 2014

This 1932 proposal for a Memorial Park and Civic Center never made it past the model stage. This image (west is up) shows the Portland Heights neighborhood at top right and veteran’s hospital complex at left bottom. Note that the path of the proposed Foothill Boulevard at right closely matches the path of today’s Foothill Freeway (I-405) which wouldn’t appear for another 30 years.

A2009-009.1532 memorial park civic center 1932(City of Portland Archives)

Emanuel Hospital, 1974

February 20, 2014

Another nice aerial view of North Portland’s Emanuel Hospital complex in 1974. This time we’re looking north; N. Kerby Avenue and Russell Street wrap around the hospital, while I-5 and a bit of its connection with the east end of the Fremont Bridge is on the left.

Aerial of Emanuel Hospital north 1974(City of Portland Archives)

Emanuel Hospital, 1974

February 19, 2014

This east-looking 1974 aerial photo highlights the Emanuel Hospital complex in North Portland. The hospital, with Boise-Eliot Elementary School at bottom left, bracket the entrance and exit lanes for the new Fremont Bridge, out of sight to our right.

Aerial of Emanuel Hospital east 1974(City of Portland Archives)

USS Portland Under St. Johns Bridge, 1933

December 11, 2013

VP fan Lefty did his investigative work and dug out the fact that Monday’s photo of the USS Portland passing under the St. Johns Bridge was in fact taken in 1933 and not the posted date of 1937. Below is the photo from The Oregonian of October 27, 1933, taken just seconds before Monday’s image. Lefty was also correct in spotting the sailor standing on the yardarm near the top of the main mast. Click here to read the entire article regarding the ship’s visit to Portland.

uss portland detail 19331027(The Oregonian. Retrieved from

St. Johns Bridge, 1937

December 9, 2013

The heavy cruiser USS Portland (CA-33) travels under the St. Johns Bridge in this 1937 photo. The ship, named for Portland, Maine, is heading upriver with the St. Johns neighborhood seen across the Willamette and the Portland Woolen Mills seen below the bridge.

A2004-002.2773 St Johns Bridge looking east 1937(City of Portland Archives)

South Portland, 1957

October 16, 2013

This view from above the south end of Duniway Park shows a portion of South Portland that essentially no longer exists. That stretch of road behind the trees is Barbur Blvd. where it extends south from 4th & Sheridan at top left. The view is just a bit east of this previous VP image.

life magazine sw portland 02 1957(LIFE)


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