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SW 1st & Oak, c1950s

April 10, 2014

The Failing Building, on the northwest corner of SW 1st and Oak Street, looks much the same here in the 1950s as it did when constructed in 1886. Besides paint and signage, it’s still largely intact today, a fine example of 19th Century architecture with cast-iron details.

failing building c1950s 8131(University of Oregon Libraries)

NW 26th & Upshur, c1951

March 27, 2014

The Fairmount Hotel opened in 1905 for the Lewis & Clark Centennial Exposition. By the time of this photo circa 1951 it was known as the Leonard Apartments. It’s still on NW 26th Avenue between Upshur and Vaughn Streets and is known as the Historic Fairmount Apartments.

A2001-025.83 NW 26th and Upshur north c1951(City of Portland Archives)

N Stanton & Kerby Ave, 1955

March 24, 2014

Construction is underway on the northwest corner of N. Stanton Street & Kerby Avenue in 1955. What could have been going on here, and when were the rest of the homes, which likely fronted on N. Morris Street, razed?

A2005-005.405.1 N Stanton St and Kerby Ave 1955(City of Portland Archives)

South Portland, 1957

October 16, 2013

This view from above the south end of Duniway Park shows a portion of South Portland that essentially no longer exists. That stretch of road behind the trees is Barbur Blvd. where it extends south from 4th & Sheridan at top left. The view is just a bit east of this previous VP image.

life magazine sw portland 02 1957(LIFE)

Lloyd Center Construction, 1959

September 24, 2013

Construction of the Lloyd Center shopping center is just getting underway in the nice 1959 aerial photo. Holladay Park is one of the few identifiable features left today. This view looks to the northwest.

A2010-002.214 Aerial view Lloyd Center construction 1959(City of Portland Archives)

Union Block, Part 2, 1955

September 17, 2013

Yesterday’s post showed the intact Union Block in 1955 shortly before its demolition. Today’s photo is the same corner, SW 2nd and Stark, during demolition. Not much remains of the staid old building. Here a pedestrian walks past the cast-iron-fronted corner entrance.

union block 9797 1955(University of Oregon Libraries)

NW 10th Avenue Ramp, 1956

August 29, 2013

City crews work on the NW 10th Avenue ramp that lead from the old Lovejoy Street ramp down to street level. Both were removed in 1999 in a process that turned this former industrial/rail center into today’s Pearl District.

A1999-004.247 Lovejoy St Viaduct 10th southeast 1956(City of Portland Archives)


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