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Steel Bridge, 1948

July 11, 2014

In the late spring of 1948, Portland experienced a terrible flood, commonly referred to as the Vanport Flood. This photograph of the Steel Bridge was taken May 28th, just two days before the dike that was holding back the Columbia River broke and flooded Vanport. At this point you can see that the water was already up to the bottom of the Steel Bridge.

Flood water beneath the Steel Bridge, May 28, 1948 :  A1999-004.1013

Flood water beneath the Steel Bridge, May 28, 1948 : A1999-004.1013

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Aerial of the shipyards, circa 1945

June 26, 2014

Today we have a wonderful aerial of the shipyards along the Willamette River in North Portland circa 1945. In the middle of the photograph you can also see N Interstate Avenue where it intersects with Albina Avenue, Mississippi Avenue, and Russell Street. In the lower right of the image is Fireboat 2 outside of its station. This boat, the David Campbell, still serves in reserve based at Station 6 on the other side of the river off of NW Front Ave.

Aerial of shipyards circa 1945 : A2005-005.1416.4

Aerial of shipyards circa 1945 : A2005-005.1416.4

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Grant Park Grocery & Market, c1940

June 5, 2014

VP fan David Lewis submitted this great photo of Grant Park Grocery & Market personnel in front of their shop at NE 33rd and Knott Street. The distinctive building, echoed on the sides of the panel delivery trucks, is now a family medical office. Thanks for the great find, David!

Grant Park Grocery NE 33rd Knott c1940(David Lewis)

SW Barbur Blvd & Lowell, 1949

June 3, 2014

Here’s a reversal of yesterday’s view at SW Barbur Blvd. Taken the same day, this photo looks east across Barbur from the top of the stairs we saw yesterday. The market across the way is gone now but the building remains; on the left you can see down SW Lowell Street to Corbett Avenue.

A2005-005.55.2 SW Barbur Blvd East to storefront 1949(City of Portland Archives)

SW Barbur Blvd & Lowell, 1949

June 2, 2014

We’ve seen this location before in a photo from 1933. At that time the houses closest to SW Barbur Blvd at Lowell Street were being moved to make way for road construction. This photo shows the same perspective, with earlier houses long gone and further removal of hillside material, probably to construct the underpass to connect Harbor Drive with Barbur. It looks much the same today except for vegetation growth over the years.

A2005-005.55.3 SW Barbur Blvd West to houses 1949(City of Portland Archives)

SE 39th Ave & Stark, 1949

May 15, 2014

Monday’s photo at SE 39th and Belmont had so many comments that I thought this companion photo might be as well received. This was taken just a few blocks north, looking south down SE 39th at Stark Street on the same date. Those linemen can be seen rewiring the utility poles in this photo too.

A2000-025.2111 Before widening SE 39th south of Stark 1949(City of Portland Archives)

SE 39th Ave & Belmont, 1949

May 12, 2014

SE 39th Avenue was just another north-south suburban street until it’s designation as an artery and widening to 90 feet. Here is what it looked like as it passed Belmont Street in 1949 before the widening project.

A2000-025.2109 Before widening SE 39th north of Belmont 1949(City of Portland Archives)


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