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Lewis and Clark Exposition, 1905

July 3, 2014

In previous post we saw a wonderful map, an illustration, and a beautiful hand tinted photograph of the Lewis and Clark Exposition. Today we are looking at a photograph from the Lewis and Clark Centennial Exposition Esplanade taken in 1905. The Exposition was located in the Northwest Portland/Guild’s Lake area.

Lewis and Clark Exposition Esplanade 1905 : A2004-002.1001

Lewis and Clark Exposition Esplanade 1905 : A2004-002.1001

View this image in Efiles by clicking here.

City Hall, circa 1905

June 23, 2014

In 2009, Dan Davis started a new blog called Vintage Portland that grew to become a very popular site for a community of people interested in Portland’s history. The City of Portland Archives & Records Center (PARC) is not only a fan of Vintage Portland, we’ve also been quiet collaborators. Dan approached us in 2009 because he was interested in using some of our photos he found in Efiles, our online database. We were delighted to work with Dan as a way to showcase many of the City’s photographs. Our collaboration continued when we approached Dan (and this great community) for help in identifying some of our “mystery” images.

PARC has enjoyed our association with Dan and the Vintage Portland community; and while we are sad that Dan has decided to move away from managing the site, we’re also very excited that Dan has asked us to take over the Vintage Portland site! As of June 23, 2013, PARC will begin administering the Vintage Portland blog and other social media platforms. We are thrilled by the opportunity to continue to engage Vintage Portland followers by featuring the City’s extensive collection of photos. We also plan on inviting other institutions to share some of their photos because there is a rich visual history of Portland held within many local archives. There will be a few changes to the site, mostly cosmetic and procedural. Please let us know if you have any questions about the transition or about the collections in general. Many thanks to Dan and this incredible community he has helped create! We are looking forward to continuing the tradition.


City Hall from 5th Ave and Jefferson St. circa 1905 : A2011-014

City Hall from 5th Ave and Jefferson St. circa 1905 : A2011-014



Lewis & Clark Expo Illustrations, 1904

December 4, 2013

The Sunday Oregonian published these “Park Possibilities of the Lewis and Clark Exposition Site” illustrations in its October 30, 1904 edition. Artist F.A. Routledge created idyllic scenes for the future Guilds Lake site.

SO 30Oct1904(The Oregonian. Retrieved from

R.M. Gray, 1909

August 26, 2013

R.M. Gray was a men’s furnishings store at 273-275 Morrison Street in 1909. On the northeast corner of SW 4th and Morrison, the building is long gone, replaced by a full-block parking garage. Entering the street level shop where these doors once stood would lead you to some Buffalo Wild Wings today.

rm gray store 17933 1909(University of Oregon Libraries)

Harry McCormick House, 1909

August 6, 2013

The Harry McCormick House looks as good today as it did a hundred years ago; recent online real estate ads show its remarkable interior. Wealthy Northwest lumberman Harry McCormick build this handsome home at 2712 SE Salmon Street.

harry mccormick house 20426 1909(University of Oregon Libraries)

Portland Heights Real Estate Ad, 1909

July 31, 2013

Another excellent D.E. Keasey real estate illustration from 1909. This is a beautiful, very accurate representation looking northeast over Portland Heights. The fine detail even shows the Council Crest streetcar on Vista Avenue at upper right.

de keasey real estate 2 19090606(The Oregonian, from University of Oregon Libraries)

Forestry Building, 1905

July 30, 2013

The immense Forestry Building is shown in 1905 during the Lewis & Clark Centennial Exposition, for which it was built. This view is likely due west; stand at the driveway to Old Forestry Commons on NW Upshur Street to be in roughly the same spot today.

A2004-002.2 Forestry Building during the Lewis and Clark Exposition 1905(City of Portland Archives)


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