Westmoreland Park, 1946

This is a fun action shot of people lawn bowling in Westmoreland Park on January 27, 1946. Construction of the lawn bowling facilities was completed in 1945. You can read more about the history and construction of the park by clicking here.


Lawn bowling at Westmoreland Park, Jan. 27, 1946 :  A2001-045.12

Lawn bowling at Westmoreland Park, Jan. 27, 1946 : A2001-045.12


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4 Responses to “Westmoreland Park, 1946”

  1. Dave Jordan Says:

    Great photo. Having grown up in this park and still living in the area, always look forward to past photos of Sellwood & Westmoreland. Doesn’t look like the lawn bowling building has been constructed and a clear view of the viaduct it’s not something you can see today.

  2. Tom Jones Says:

    I have to wonder how many days in the last 60 years have ice skaters been able to use that casting pond?

  3. Lynette Says:

    Super action shot! Love the man with the pipe and the woman with the hairnet! Thanks!

  4. Chris Slama Says:

    Did anyone see the film clip on the Parks Department website referenced above? Here’s the YouTube page:

    When looking at that video, I found these two…

    Any chance we could see films from the city archives on Vintage Portland?

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