Fireboat 3 Station, 1938

Here we have an excellent view of the floating Fireboat 3 Station when it was located at the St. Johns Bridge. In this view, we are looking northeast, towards St. Johns. In the background you can see the building that is now the Portland Police Bureau: Training Division building. Three identical fireboats, built in the late 1920s, were located near the Hawthorne Bridge (Fireboat 1, Mike Laudenklos), in lower Albina (Fireboat 2, David Campbell) and in various locations in St. Johns area (Fireboat 3, Karl Gunster). The David Campbell is still active today as a reserve fireboat and is located at Station 6 in Northwest Portland near Front Ave.


Floating Fire Station next to the St. Johns Bridge, April 6, 1938 : A2009-009.1681

Floating Fire Station next to the St. Johns Bridge, April 6, 1938 : A2009-009.1681


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5 Responses to “Fireboat 3 Station, 1938”

  1. Jim Says:

    It looks like the fire boat moorage area may have been infilled to expand the land now occupied by Cathedral Park.

  2. xdd869 Says:

    Great detail. Love it!

  3. Nancyann Larsen Says:

    I was noticing the logs in the foreground. I remember when you could always see lots of log islands all along the river. We used to fish on them. the view today,-122.762053,3a,75y,65.91h,87.03t/data=!3m5!1e1!3m3!1sPVdpTKYB4A4AAAGu4ZQnig!2e0!3e11

  4. Dave Says:

    Years ago as a child I would play leap frog on the logs bundled along the river bank in the same area where this picture was taken. Sure it was unsafe….but as a child we did not think about that! :+)

  5. Loren Says:

    I worked on the sister fire boat, David Campbell for the last 10 years of my career. I’m guessing but I wouldn’t be surprise if that boat house lasted till the late 80’s over at T-3.

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