The John Roth Dairy, circa 1930

Here we have an exterior view of the John Roth Dairy, also known as the Columbia Dairy at Faloma in NE Portland. In the image you can see farm buildings and the house near the Columbia River. Farmhands, horses, and children are standing in front of the property.


John Roth Dairy Faloma NE Portland, circa 1930 : A2008-001.57

John Roth Dairy Faloma NE Portland, circa 1930 : A2008-001.57


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5 Responses to “The John Roth Dairy, circa 1930”

  1. David Johnson Says:

    East of the Interstate bridge on the slough.

  2. john hitzfeld Says:

    Homes today are built to look like this one. The house here doesn’t really fit in a farm setting. It looks like it should be two different pictures.

  3. Marty Says:

    Anyone know where exactly this was in NE? David said east of the interstate bridge on the slough. I don’t know what/where that is.

  4. Sifton Says:

    @ Marty; The area is called Bridgeton today, at least according to google maps that is.

  5. Richard Says:

    Bridgeton seems to have been the original name of this subdivision platted out and put for sale under this name in May 1915. It was site of the terminus of the Vancouver interurban train line, thus favoring development. There was a school on the site as of 1907. The US Post Office ordered the place name changed in 1921 because it was too common. The new name Faloma was an acronym formed from the surnames of three local landowners; it was the official USGS place name until 1935. Now the PDX neighborhood is once more known as Bridgeton. More on this in the Oregonian archive and Wikipedia.

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