SW 4th and Morrison, 1940

The photograph for today is of a street car going through the busy downtown intersection at SW 4th Avenue and Morrison Street. Fred Meyer, Dr. J. J. Colton, Dentist, and Chown Hardware are just a few of the businesses that line these downtown streets in 1940.

SW 4th Ave. and Morrison St. 1940 : A2005-001.863

SW 4th Ave. and Morrison St. 1940 : A2005-001.863


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16 Responses to “SW 4th and Morrison, 1940”

  1. Loren Says:

    can’t open picture.

  2. Lynette Says:

    I can’t either, on Vintage Portland. However, I was able to open the Efiles link and click on it there. What a great slice of life shot! Thanks!

  3. oldoregon Says:

    Maybe this is later than 1938. Could this be 1940? “Espionage Agent” was playing at the Capitol, “Fourth at Morrison” in the first weeks of March 1940. March 1, 1940, Oregonian, page 18

  4. Shane Patrick Says:

    According to IMDb “Espionage Agent” open on September 30, 1939. The Picture could been taken in 1939 or as suggested above, 1940. It appears it’s definitely not from 1938. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0031280/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1

  5. oldoregon Says:

    “Espionage Agent” shows up in The Oregonian on Nov 15 at J. J. Parkers Broadway theater, but it took awhile before it showed up on Fourth ave, on March 1st 1940, by March 8th they were advertising two other movies and “circuit vaudeville”

  6. Nancyann Larsen Says:

    Thank you commenters. I love looking at these pictures and it doubles the pleasure when comments like the above give more info and links.

  7. Dan S. Says:

    I never knew that Chown Hardware dates back to 1879 on 1St. and Main (according to their website). There are very few Portland businesses left from that era.

  8. Kenn Says:

    This picture brings back memories, rode these cars to school five days a week.

  9. oldoregon Says:

    This picture could have been taken on Monday afternoon, March 4th, 1940. This intersection was page 1 news on the morning of March 5th. Police got good use of their whistles and the signs reading “MUST OBEY WALK – WAIT SIGNALS”.

    “Fourth Lights Prove Puzzle”

    “The policemen had a sweet job Monday to convince pedestrian traffic signals were working on Southwest 4th Avenue and that they should obey the walk and wait features of the new electronic cops.”

    “Pedestrians get lesson in waiting”

    “When new traffic signals went into operation on Southwest Fourth avenue Monday pedestrians were forced to take a lesson in waiting their turn to cross the intersections. Traffic patrolmen we’re on duty to act as instructors.”

    This was the day the city turned on, after 1pm, the new “Walk and Wait” pedestrian signals. The police were on hand, as one is included in this picture, far left, in the street. The new signals can be seen in the upper left corner of the photo. This picture is a good example of pedestrians crossing fourth. The newspaper picture shows pedestrians in the wait position, calling them “waiters”

    The movie “Espionage Agent” shows up in Portland in Nov 15 1939 at J. J. Parkers Broadway theater, but it took awhile before it showed up on Fourth ave, on March 1st 1940, by March 8th they were advertising two other movies and “circuit vaudeville”

  10. c.w. doucette Says:

    what is the multnomah sign at the end of the street?

  11. Jim Says:

    c.w., the Multnomah sign at the end of the street was for the Multnomah Hotel, today’s Embassy Suites.

  12. Kevin Says:

    oldoregon that down vote on your last post was me and it was a COMPLETE ACCIDENT!! I meant to give it a thumbs up obviously but I’m on my phone and the thumbs were so small and close together. I always love the extra details you bring and this one was particularly good. I’m sorry! I know I could have just hidden my shame in anonymity but I didn’t want to accidentally discourage your efforts at all .

    Sorry for the offtopic post but I felt like I had to explain myself.

  13. john hitzfeld Says:

    With all those people working through their day, can you imagine the stories they have to tell. So different then today’s stories.

  14. oldoregon Says:

    I appreciate your note, thank you Kevin!

  15. Tad Says:

    @Kevin, you can undo your downvote simply by clicking the up-vote. :)

  16. Kevin Says:

    No kidding? Thanks for the heads up Tad!

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