SW Barbur Blvd & Lowell, 1949

Here’s a reversal of yesterday’s view at SW Barbur Blvd. Taken the same day, this photo looks east across Barbur from the top of the stairs we saw yesterday. The market across the way is gone now but the building remains; on the left you can see down SW Lowell Street to Corbett Avenue.

A2005-005.55.2 SW Barbur Blvd East to storefront 1949(City of Portland Archives)

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5 Responses to “SW Barbur Blvd & Lowell, 1949”

  1. Linda Raab Says:

    Judging by the sign in the back of the truck, I’d bet it bet the truck belongs to the photographer who is probably a city employee…

  2. Elliott Says:

    Never would have guessed the Digicraft building had been a 1940s convenience market.

    I’ve seen on old maps the wooded area at the bottom of Lowell and east of Corbett designated as a cemetery, but never have found out what happened to it. It’s all condos now.

  3. Dave Brunker (@dbrunker) Says:

    If that’s the same building (which is plausible) it’s been remodeled quite a bit.

  4. Katie Says:

    I’ve heard that there was a welfare office in the lower (Corbett Ave) level of the building.

  5. Kenn Says:

    The oil slick in the road indicates the truck is parked in a traffic lane.

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