SE 82nd & Division, 1934

SE 82nd Avenue at Division Street was a bucolic two-lane road back in 1934. Just beyond the gas station is the long, low structure that housed the Mayfair Greens and Fairways golf center. Mayfair was not a full golf course but a driving range (with protective nets guarding 82nd Avenue) and putting greens that opened in 1932. The bottom photo looks south down 82nd.

A2009-009.2033 SE 82nd & Division 1934

A2009-009.2139 SE 82nd & Division 1934(City of Portland Archives)

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13 Responses to “SE 82nd & Division, 1934”

  1. Jill-O Says:

    Sadly, SE Division is again a two lane road…though no longer bucolic. So that gas station is where the old Banner Furniture store building is now?

    Love the signage – Alcohol, Complete Lubrication, Rest Rooms…what more does anyone need? ;o)

  2. yalestar Says:

    It would be fun to travel back to 1934 and walk into that store and tell the owner that 80 years in the future this will be an endless sea of seedy strip malls and people holding signs for discount mattress stores. And Hung Far Low.

  3. oldwxwatcher Says:

    That driving range was still there in the late 1950s, when my parents and I moved to a house a few blocks west.

  4. Randy C Says:

    The alcohol sign did not mean liquor. It was used in vehicle cooling systems as antifreeze. That is why a gas station had an Alcohol sign.

  5. Brian Says:

    Looks like a before and after shot. In the bottom view 82nd has center striping, concrete shoulders and curbs, the telephone poles on the driving range side are gone and all telephone poles on the other side are behind the new curbing.

  6. Jim Says:

    Great observation, Brian. 82nd also looks wider in the bottom photo, so it appears this is documenting the ongoing street widening projects of the 1930s.

  7. Dave Brunker (@dbrunker) Says:

    Here’s a Street View for you to play with:

    This is a little off topic but have you seen the 30th anniversary website for Pioneer Square? It’s filled with historic pictures.

  8. Kenn Says:

    Dave’s google street view shows one of the old Piggly Wiggly stores mentioned lately, I believe it shows
    here as Directors Furniture..

  9. Dave Brunker (@dbrunker) Says:

    Kenn: Back in the 1970s (when I lived a few blocks away) they had an Albertson’s grocery store and Bazaar variety store. Bazaar went out of business and in the 1980s was replace with a harware, big-box store… I think it was… Builder’s Supply? After that went out of business, Albertson’s left and the area was empty for a while until PCC moved in. The Street View you see today are the vast number of buildings that PCC has built.

    I don’t know what came before that era.

  10. Neil Says:

    Reblogged this on Montavilla Guitar Studio and commented:
    Another cool neighborhood pic…

  11. Neil Says:

    So is the top pic a view to the North?

  12. Dave Brunker (@dbrunker) Says:

    Neil: The first picture is.

  13. Christine Says:

    The hardware, big box store was a Builders’ Square. The old Legin building used to be a bowling alley

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