NE Beech & 14th, 1932

City crews work on a sewer project running down NE Beech Street just east of 14th Avenue. Work was all done by hand in those days, no backhoes to make the digging easier.

A2009-009.2653 Sewer Work NE Beech and 14th 1932(City of Portland Archives)

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8 Responses to “NE Beech & 14th, 1932”

  1. Nativepdx Says:

    Judging from the dirt piles, it looks like pretty good digging, I don’t see any rocks.

    One of my first jobs was digging a foundation for a addition and my old school uncle believed, the best way to do that, was to hand me a pick and a round and square shovel. Because that is how they did it.

  2. Tom Jones Says:

    I’m surprised there’s no tent or tarp erected to keep rain out

  3. Sifton Says:

    When men were men……..

  4. Kenn Says:

    Any of the houses remaining?

  5. Dave Smith Says:

    Watch the city work on the sewer now and you will see five guys watching one work…kind of.

  6. TomK Says:

    This link takes you to the first house, which is at 15th & Beech: You have to peek thru the trees further down the street to see the other houses, but they are there.

  7. Dave Brunker (@dbrunker) Says:

    Great work, TomK! I searched and searched and couldn’t figure out where that picture was taken from.

  8. Nancy Hauth Says:

    That’s Beech St. looking East to 15th. If you went right, across Beech from digger, you’d be standing in front of steps, mural, etc., by Albina branch library, Whole Foods, et al.

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