Emanuel Hospital, 1974

This east-looking 1974 aerial photo highlights the Emanuel Hospital complex in North Portland. The hospital, with Boise-Eliot Elementary School at bottom left, bracket the entrance and exit lanes for the new Fremont Bridge, out of sight to our right.

Aerial of Emanuel Hospital east 1974(City of Portland Archives)

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12 Responses to “Emanuel Hospital, 1974”

  1. Jared Says:

    Boise Eliott Grade School in the forground and NE Fremont heading East.

  2. lefty Says:

    It’s not as oblique of an aerial, but here’s the location link:


  3. Denna Miller Says:

    Excellent article on the subject at OregonLive:

    Fifty years later, Legacy Emanuel Medical Center
    attempts to make amends for razing neighborhood…


  4. Ron Hylton Says:

    Thank you Denna, for the referral to The Oregonian article regarding Emanuel’s expansion. My mother was a graduate of Emanuel School of Nursing and an employee there her entire career. I recall many trips to Williams Avenue shopping and in particular going to Matthieu Drug (see Vintage Portland Aug. 25, 2010). The area certainly had a personality all it’s own.

  5. Jary ralston Says:

    Was the intention of the Fremont bridge ever to connect directly unto Fremont street? It looks like the on off ramps connected differently in the photo?

  6. EcoGrrl Says:

    My granny worked there back then! Kewl. My how it’s changed…

  7. dothgrin Says:

    You can see there is just enough right-of-way for the planned extension of the 405 (Rose City Freeway) into deceased 505 (Prescott) Freeway. The Rose City would have continued the path to Prescott St. and then east to the 205. (Sources: http://www.permatopia.com/wetlands/deadroad.html; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rose_City_Freeway)

  8. Elliott Says:


    This narrative says that Fremont Street was supposed to have been the eastside approach.


  9. dothgrin Says:

    Elliott, I think that was indeed one plan, but in the 60s Portland had high hopes for a plethora of freeways and the Prescott Freeway (505) alignment eliminated the Fremont approach, which is probably why the freeway initially (and then permanently) stops right after it intersects with I-5. I am basing this on several links on a broad freeway system. All of them were killed once the Mt. Hood Freeway was crushed. Here is another link: http://bikeportland.org/2009/02/16/picture-of-the-week-the-portland-that-might-have-been-14434

  10. mark Says:

    now there’s a neighorhood that has seen a lot of changes. both before this picture, and after. (especially the last few years)

  11. Tad Says:

    Wow, hard to believe the on/offramps initially dropped pretty much right into someone’s back yard and didn’t connect to Kerby at all!

  12. Mary Thornton Riley Says:

    Does anyone know how I can get a transcript for graduation

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