SW Lowell & Corbett, 1939

To finish our little odyssey along SW Lowell Street, we see how the northwest corner of Lowell and SW Corbett looked in 1939. We’re missing the streetcar tracks today but otherwise it looks much the same.

A2009-009.113  Corner of SW Lowell St and SW Corbett Ave looking northwest c1939(City of Portland Archives)

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8 Responses to “SW Lowell & Corbett, 1939”

  1. Ken Swanson Says:

    Noticing the stack of wood on the curb, is it true that it was shared by the community? Wish we had that now days, I’m out of wood! PLEASE no more snow!

  2. Roger Aumann Says:

    Wasn’t there a vintage picture some time ago of a neighborhood street that showed wood stacked in front of all of the houses on that street? Does anyone know where that picture is, or one similar to it?

  3. Dan S Says:

    I wish the house or church with a turret behind them would have made it. But is doesn’t appear that it did.

  4. kellyblvd@comcast.net Says:

    that’s the year I was born but we lived across the street from a Piggly Wiggly off of burnside on King Street. My mom had no car so she walked to work as a nurse to ST. Vincent’s and we rode the streetcar to downtown

  5. Elliott Says:

    There used to be a South Portland column in the CTLH newspaper that talked about the streetcar on Corbett.

    Apparently the parallel streets that go up the hill at the very south end of Corbett had something to do with the streetcar getting enough momentum to come back up the hill going north. Wish I could remember more details.

  6. Fred Stewart Says:

    Reblogged this on Oregon Real Estate Round Table.

  7. lefty Says:


  8. Ellen Dittebrandt Says:

    To Roger http://vintageportland.files.wordpress.com/2013/09/a2009-009-2608-unidentified-building-in-st-johns-1932.jpg

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