NW Front & Davis, c1930

Our Number Man probably could never conceive that the lot behind him would eventually hold a four-level parking structure with a helipad on the roof. He’s standing on the northwest corner of NW Front Avenue and Davis Street in this circa 1930 photo.

A2009-009.2484 Wood Lot NW Front Ave and Davis St c1930(City of Portland Archives)

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10 Responses to “NW Front & Davis, c1930”

  1. Patricia Says:

    Glad to see you back! :D

  2. Kenn Says:

    Missed you, thanks for all you do-

  3. lefty Says:

    I hadn’t really looked too closely before at the storage tank though it appears in other photos. Was it a telescopic gas holder?

  4. Lauré Harrelson Bailey Says:

    Welcome back! I missed logging in, having coffe and getting a brief history lesson and seeing some great old history photos. Thanks for your dedicated work!

  5. Mike Says:

    Yes that was a telescoping gas holder same as the three that used to be off SE 9th and Se Powell

  6. Brian Says:

    OT, but I think it might be of interest to some people here:

    Historic John Bridges house in Goose Hollow headed for demolition

    “The house was designed by Justus Krumbein, a prominent 19th century Portland architect. Its owner, John Bridges, was a general contractor who built Union Station and the Dekum Building in downtown Portland.”

  7. Ian Says:

    We see a glimpse of the New Grand Central Hotel on the far left, the current site of the Lan Su Chinese Gardens:


    Remnants of this building can be found scattered around the Old Town area

  8. Dave Brunker (@dbrunker) Says:

    Street view of the corner Numbers Man was standing on:


    They better darn well NOT tear the John Bridges house down!


  9. Greg Says:

    Better move fast if you want to save it. The developer already has the demolition permit in hand and knowing the past track record of developers in Portland they often say one thing and do another. There has been a lot of historic structures lost in this manner. When the city gets through with it density mantra there won’t be enough room for a person to turn around in. I am glad I won’t live long enough to the full effects of it but my children and grandchildren will.

  10. lefty Says:

    Thanks Mike!

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