N Ivanhoe & Richmond, 1932

We saw the top of the dome on this building the other day; here it is from the front. At the time, the YWCA called the corner of N. Ivanhoe Street and Richmond Avenue home, now it’s the McMenamins St. Johns Pub.

A2009-009.2604 YWCA at N Ivanhoe and Richmond 1932(City of Portland Archives)

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11 Responses to “N Ivanhoe & Richmond, 1932”

  1. chris Says:



  2. Jane Says:

    Number Man…but no demolition? Also no street widening here either. So, what were his numbers all about?

  3. oregonimagery Says:

    From McMenamins website: “Built in 1905 as the National Cash Register Company’s exhibit hall for Portland’s Lewis and Clark Exposition, this spectacular building was barged down the Willamette River after the expo to its current location, where subsequent incarnations included a Lutheran church, an American Legion post, a bingo parlor and a home for Gypsy wakes.

    The ever-evolving domed structure was later reinvented as Duffy’s Irish Pub and finally, St. Johns Theater & Pub. And here we are! Friends and families are welcome today to enjoy a casual meal, either indoors or out.”


    No mention of the YWCA

  4. Jim Says:

    A little research indicates that the cupola on the dome is either a replacement of the original 1905 cupola or was heavily remodeled. I suspect the latter. The cupola is now gone altogether. The square “vestibule” area was originally a semicircular open porch and the YWCA portion of the building was a later addition to the 1905 structure.

    Great photo.

  5. oregonimagery Says:

    From 1931 until 1951, the St John’s Lutheran Church would have occupied this building.

  6. Adam Says:

    Actually it does look as though the corner was modified with a wider curve, which could explain the number man. Often this kind of wide corner was necessary for the addition of a streetcar rail. Anybody know of a streetcar running along Ivanhoe here?

  7. Douge Martin Says:

    This is probably from when St. Johns Bridge traffic was diverted away from Lombard through the center of St. Johns.

  8. chris Says:

    The following has link has several photos of the building over the years.


  9. Fred Stewart Says:

    Reblogged this on Oregon Real Estate Round Table.

  10. Eric C Says:

  11. Nativepdx Says:

    A nice clear fair photo here


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