Downtown Aerial, 1949

While quite a few of the downtown buildings in this 1949 photo from Portland Heights can still be identified today, many of the smaller buildings, particularly houses, are gone from the foreground area. Compare with this photo from some 30 years later, from roughly the same spot, after US-26 and I-405 were cut through the area.

A2004-002.2500 Looking north over Portland from southwest vista 1949(City of Portland Archives)

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5 Responses to “Downtown Aerial, 1949”

  1. Tracy Prince Says:

    Gander Ridge (part of the Goose Hollow neighborhood) is in the foreground.

  2. Doug K Says:

    I can’t help noticing that the weeds in the immediate foreground are sharp, and everything else is less so. Did the photographer fail to focus correctly? How much more detail would we have seen if he’d focused at infinity?

  3. wl Says:

    what house takes up the whole block (just above the “ore.”)?

  4. chris B Says:

    it looks as though Mount St. Helens’s height has been slightly “Enhanced”.

  5. Brian Says:

    And it would remain “enhanced” for another 31 years.

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